Thorough and extensive training is an important factor for success. An action by one employee normally ses off a large number of subsequent reactions. This poses great challenges, but also offers many hidden opportunities.

That is why in our training courses, users not only learn the particular far-reaching effects that individual commands can have and the relationships between individual modules, they also learn to "think outside the box" in order to use available functions more effectively.

As well as delivering basic principles, tips, and tricks, we also focus on breaking down the barriers and reservations that hinder the acceptance of change. Experience shows that the more users know about a new system, the more motivated they are and the more readily they accept it. Therefore, users always enter current jobs into a test system.

Staff are quickly familiarized with the new system, thus making it easier to break with accustomed patterns and workflows. We also assist in this by retaining familiar names and identifiers. This ensures that employees quickly get to grips with ILOGICS applications.

In-depth training makes it possible to tap into the huge potential offered by our software applications faster and more efficiently.