Automated Production of Product Catalogs using OpenCl@ss

We know that, in practice, producing a product catalog can be a complex, long-winded task. That is why we did some creative thinking about how to simplify this job.

Using OpenCl@ss drastically reduces the amount of time needed to produce a product catalog, especially a second catalog, once the product attributes have been recorded in OpenCl@ss during an initial loading process. The system stores all catalog-relevant data in a central database:

  • All the information in one place
    No more tedious, time-consuming searching in various storage media

  • Data updated in one place
    This ensures that prices and product ranges are always valid and current

  • All image data in one place
    All images, diagrams, and graphs are also stored in a central location.

The system is highly flexible when it comes to meeting customers' specific requirements. Rather than having to adapt the customer's workflows to suit the system, the system is configured in order to achieve the best benefits for the customer.

OpenCl@ss supports all common classification standards such as eCl@ss or UNSPSC.

Product catalog in 3 stages:

  1. Stage
    Classify and capture all products and the associated required information

  2. Stage
    Flexibly configure the catalog data for a specific technical data product catalog without any definitive (predefined) layout.

  3. Stage
    Transfer the catalog data to the DTP system according to the style sheet assignment. The preconfigured, imported catalog is then checked by advertising specialists and the layout is determined.

The data stream generated by OpenCl@ss can of course also be used as an interface for web catalogs, electronic marketplaces, or similar applications.