• Definition and development of production planning and control systems in several industries: Tool manufacturing, prototype construction, low-volume production
  • Project and capacity planning
  • Barcode plant data capture
  • Management information systems
  • Interfaces with third party systems (purchasing systems, budgeting systems, CAD)

Large industrial plant manufacturing

  • Development of a technical plant breakdown structure in order to produce technical bids in large industrial plant manufacturing
  • Development of a bid assessment system (to evaluate the profitability and costs of bids)

Technical equipment wholesalers

  • OpenClass-based catalog management system (PIM: RDBMS and XML-oriented)
  • Definition of software build and translation workflows
  • Partner support system (database-assisted administration and ordering system for customer warehouses, including SAP integration)
  • XML-based web catalog (Cocoon) with link to SAP webshop (OCI interface)
  • Definition and implementation of an offline catalog viewer  for customer CD with full text searching