Thanks to many years of project experience and practically proven methods, we lay the groundwork for individual project implementation, always focusing on the benefits for the customer. This is ensured by our integrated services, which range from consulting and training to developing special custom software.

Our variety of services enables us to assist our customers with their projects. We go to great lengths to deliver advice and project management, intensive training for employees, and to create specific enhancements and solutions for our customers. You will benefit from our years of experience in developing software for individually tailored applications. The customer's needs are always at the forefront of our collaborations.


Every project begins with an in-depth analysis. We develop individual concepts and concrete plans for your implementation from this analysis, then building on this we provide intensive consulting in order to identify the best possible solutions for our customers.


Our overall concept always includes practice-oriented training to make sure that ILOGICS' user-friendly solutions can be put to use effectively and quickly.

Software Development

ILOGICS uses the very latest technologies and standardized development structures. This ensures that applications are always integrated seamlessly into existing system environments.