Software Development

If, during the consulting phase, it is established that a customer's business processes cannot be 100% mapped by ILOGICS program modules, we can adjust the system flexibly to cater for individual circumstances, or we can develop new program modules. /p>

The customer's particular workflows are comprehensively analyzed in order to ensure that the required result can be achieved within reasonable time and cost parameters. Desired objectives can often be achieved simply by changing the existing data organization. Necessary adaptations and extensions to the system are precisely tailored to meet the customer's needs.

To achieve this, the ILOGICS project manager produces detailed programming requirements in coordination with the specialist departments and the customer's IT project manager. This detailed concept includes the procedures that are to be programmed as well as their effects in the system. Subsequent adaptations and further development are particularly effective and fast due the modular structure of ILOGICS program modules and their defined internal interfaces.