PPS Workflow

Capacity managementand simple administration of master data are two of ILOGICS PPS's basic functions. Its strengths lie in planning and controlling orders of different sizes.

To achieve this, each order is captured in the customer order management or imported from a third party system via an interface. There is a facility for doing capacity planning and scheduling in advance for relatively large orders, even before all the details have been worked out, enabling a quick response in the event of capacity bottlenecks.

Once all the relevant information for an order is on hand, capacities and deadlines can be precisely planned in detail at the order bill of materials level. Various functions are available for doing this, such as functions for producing or importing order BOMs from a CAD system, synchronous resource and materials planning,or logging change processes.

The next step is to calculate and plan special order BOMs for each order. Calculation functionalities and material overviews help optimize procurement, and the required orders for materials are initiated automatically.

The finished product is produced during manufacturing based on the production BOM. With ILOGICS PPS, this process can be optimally controlled and monitored by using features including graphical planning tables, control station functionalities, and analyses of work progress or any backlogs.

Finally, when it comes to storage, the system supports flexible storage topologies, warehouse administration, and the logging of stock movements.